kioku 手芸館 たんす

Kioku Shugei-kan “Tansu” ( Nishinari, Osaka)

organized by Breaker Project


“Tansu(closet)” has been set up to give the existing workshop “Unraveling/untying knitted items”, which Oh had organized in the Senior Daycare Center Midori-en in Sanno( Nishinari, Osaka), a more open format, and to enable her to meet women more easily. It is Oh’s concept space/ workshop /gallery space that is located in the former shop of a closet maker that was cleaned up by volunteering staff. It turned out to be an indispensable place for the production process of the work. The workshops had been held twice a week for a period of one year. By becoming a part of their daily actives, Tansu was gradually accepted by local women as a place they can talk about memories.

 ⇒ reported by Breaker Project


“ex-pots 2011-2013” exhibition

glimpses of light, flickering shadows

Installation at Kioku Shugei-kan Tansu


時間を紡ぎ、とどめてみる/  try spinning and keeping time(2012-2013)

ニットキャップ人形Knit cap dolls knitted by local people










Installation at Enocojima Creates Osaka











記憶の糸/threads of memory(2012-2013)

In search of the unspoken and /or indescribable memories, Oh has been working with the method of weaving/ unraveling/tying. She started a series or workshop called “Unraveling/untying knitted items” in Sanno district Nishinari ward in attempt to collect personal stories of local women. The participants were asked to bring the unused knitted items to the workshops, which they unravel with Oh and other women, while they talk about their memories. During the two years period, some 100 items have been unraveled. Those balls of wool, which are symbolic of indescribable memories, were in the end of exhibited as an installation, together with the document card and some pictures of knitted items made by local women Oh met through workshops.  

texts: reference from Breaker Project Document Book 2011-2013

Photo: Kazuo FUKUNAGA