grand-mother island project

-仮想の島- grandmother island 第一章

地図としての織物-j.i / textile as a map-j.i                                                                地図としての織物-m.k / textile as a map-m.k

地図としての織物-t.i / textile as a map-t.i

   photo: Kazuma Makino

海図 / Nautical map

Linen, lead, hook

Plain-woven, warp-faced pick-up patterns, Four-selvaged cloth

Installation at MATSUO MEGUMI+VOIVE GALLERY (Kyoto, Japan)

This installation work is an extract from a larger project called Grandmother Island. Entitled Nautical Map, it consists of three pieces called Textile as Map j.i, m.k and t.i. This is Chapter 1 of the Grandmother Island Project, an imaginary and multi-sensory space that reveals the interconnectedness between untold stories. I created the cloth using a traditional Guatemalan technique that produces four-selvaged cloth by a process in which the warp thread is not cut but forms a continuous loop on the backstrap weaving loom. The shape of the island emerges because the warp thread is dyed and bleached as part of the preparation for the weaving process. The spiral of the warp thread is intersected by the weft thread, so symbolizing the continuity of memory and time. Each layer of weft thread represents the past in the present. My woven cloths are an embodiment of space, time and memory.