Photo: Masakazu Onishi

第2章 浮遊する森





そして、その場/landというのは、風景/land scapeである。その風景はいつかどこかで見たかもしれない、もしくは見るかもしれない、そのような風景である。そのような風景を見ることは、記憶とつながることであり、それは想像力をひらく糸口となる。

Chapter.2 Floating forest

Floating forest is an imaginary forest that is floating somewhere.
The forest represents a dwelling of memory of life, time and space.
The trees serve as shelter to protect them and as a place for recalling them.

I imagined the forest which consists of shadows of trees, floating or hanging from the surface of the water. The shadow represents an existence and deforms shape depending on the angle of the light. Then, it could be a metaphor for the presence of the visible world and the invisible another world.

Those textiles are made of linen yarns, which is the bast fibre. The plants grow with water and nutrient from the ground. This circulation process made me aware that plant fibre can represent land by itself.

I experiment to create an imaginary landscape that audiences might have seen somewhere in the past to connect to their memories. Evoking their memory can be a trigger to open the imagination.

 Floating forest


Plain-woven, warp-faced pick-up patterns, Four-selvaged cloth

Installation at Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art (Hiroshima, Japan)