散華/ Sange   (2005)

Silk, Used-Kimono fabric, Sa

Printing i-kat, silk screen


Photo: Riichi YAMAGUCHI

Exhibition title: Poetic moment

Installation at Tokyo Wonder Site(Tokyo,Japan)



 Titled Sange, shows an organdy curtain dropping from the ceiling over a dress. The dress has a long silk undergarment which was dyed a deep red. On top of this is worn a jacket and a skirt. The jacket is woven from silk and the skirt is stylized from a Japanese Kimono undergarment, the Nagajuban. Underneath the organdy curtain, petals made form silk were placed surrounding the dress. On these petals, they were printed words from a Korean song in Katakana, an alphabet of Japanese syllables. The dress is displayed on a set with media installations such as a television screen which shows hands on continuously working on loom. This dress in Sange is different from a chima chogori.