Photo: Seiji TOYONAGA 

ある少数民族に捧げる婚礼衣装/ Wedding dress for minority race   (2000)

Used-Kimono fabric, silk

Sewing machine-work


Installation at Kyoto Art Center(Kyoto, Japan) etc.


 Titled Wedding dress for minority race, is a Japanese Kimono recreated in the Korean Hanbok style to be worn at weddings. This dress was made by cutting, stitching and restyling a Japanese Kimono to create a dress. The undergarment worn beneath this dress is also red in colour and is made of the Japanese Kimono fabric called Nagajuban. Through this wedding dress, I explore what it means to belong to a “minority race,” the Zainichi living in Japan.




    Photo: Seiji TOYONAGA

Roots   (2000)

Polyester organdie, silk yarn

Silk screen, sewing machine-work


Installation at Kyoto Art Center(Kyoto, Japan) etc. 


 Titled Roots, is a white dress that represents the Hanbok style of Korean ethnic costumes. This dress has chima chogori as a motif. Chima means a skirt, and chogori means a jacket. I printed my family tree on surface of this jacket using the silkscreen print technique, and did embroidery on it. I photographed this dress with a necklace hanging from the ceiling with a pendant containing a photograph of mine beside it.